Fresh Hope – Day 29

When our daughter Esther married Adam, they moved into their first little home. Some months later they asked me if I would be able to come and apply some DIY lead to the windows.


The house was quite near to the street, and as the days of net curtains had long since gone, the front windows attracted a stare from those walking by.


After considering the options, they asked me if I could do a diamond shape pattern, so I got to work.


The ladder went up to the upstairs windows and within an hour or so the ‘posh’ effect started to take shape.


As I worked my way along the large bedroom window, I became aware of neighbors and passers by, glancing up and quietly commenting on my handy work.


From a distance, the precise diamond patterns looked like pure guess work or even genius, but what I could see that no one else could, was the paper template that I had taped to the inside of the window…


My lead work was not left to chance.


It was spot on because of the design that was being closely followed.


As many of you may know, my life was on course to be a Chef, and for ten years I pursued the career that I trained for and was totally passionate about… little did I know that Gods plan was about to take me in a very different direction, that of pastoring Champions Church.


Looking back over 25 years now, I can see the incredible plan that God had woven into my life.


It appeared that everything was randomly happening without any template behind it, but now I can see the intricate and detailed purpose for my life being fashioned each step of the way.


What part have I had to play in the plan?


If anything, I think it would boil down to just 4 key things.


1) Being willing to surrender the dreams I had for my life


2) Reading the Bible each day, like you would a road map before going on a journey.


3) Having a daily 2-way conversation with God. Talking to Him and then listening to Him.


And finally…


4) Being willing to risk it all for the higher purpose as to why I exist.


Proverbs 19:21 says, ‘Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.’


In just the same way, God has got the perfect plan for your life too, and even though you may not know it, he has prepared a very unique template for your life to follow.


Why not implement those 4 steps into your life for 2015?


Pastor Mark


A daily devotion for a better way of living.