Fresh Hope – Day 32

We have a very large bowl of fruit in our kitchen.


It’s not that we eat a lot of fruit, but it does look nice for Christmas.


Alongside it is a very large Christmas basket with all kinds of wrapped chocolates. It also started out full, but now is down to the remaining ones that no one likes.


Last night I started to unpack the fruit bowl as some of the tangerines had started to go bad along with a couple of nectarines.


One of the fruit responsible for ripening the other fruit is of course the banana.


I’m sure you know that it’s not an old wives tale, as bananas help to speed up the ripening process. The reason for this is because they emit a plant hormone called ethylene.


Then we have the old adage… one bad apple spoils the barrel; meaning in the old days that one bad apple can ruin all the others that were kept stored together in a barrel.


That’s because when one apple turns rotten it emits the same gas and turns others apples bad too.


So we have two truths in one bowl of fruit; one brings out the best, whilst the other brings out the worst.


Which fruit are you? The one to be avoided or the one to be welcomed?


When people see you coming, do they run and hide or do they go ‘YES!’


Every one of us has the power to influence up to 10,000 people in our lifetime. The question is, do we influence for bad or for good?


Are you the kind of person that sows discord, jealousy and always brings a negative report, or are you the person that always sees the best in people and has a ‘we can do’ attitude.


You’ll easily find out which one you are by listening to yourself for 2 minutes in an unguarded moment.


At the end of the day… the choice is yours.


God gives to us all the power of choice.

Change is made possible by allowing the Holy Spirit access into those rotten areas of our lives. It all starts with honesty and ends with a sincere desire and prayer to change.


Matthew 7:18-20 ‘A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.’


Want to know whether that person you’re hanging out with is good for you or not?


Check the fruit… Ripe or Rotten?


Pastor Mark


A daily devotion for a better way of living.