Fresh Hope – Day 60

As we approach the last day of our corporate fast, it’s important to realise that the greatest change in response to our prayers comes in the form of a change within ME.


As much as God wants to change ‘things’ for us, He most of all wants to change things in us.


What does a change in me look like?


Well, it’s different for every individual and is dependant on your level of openness to change, coupled with the areas within your life that need to change.


One of the greatest changes that should come as a result of the last 3 weeks should be evident in our acceptance of God’s will over our own desire.


Not every prayer that you have prayed will get the answer that you wanted, but rest assured that every prayer that you have prayed will receive an answer.


The gauge of the level of your change and growth in spiritual maturity will be evident when you think of prayer like a set of traffic lights.


I’ve often prayed for something and then suddenly have had this sinking feeling deep inside, accompanied with a still, small voice that simply says ‘no.’


That’s the red light of the Holy Spirit that is sent in ‘answer’ to your prayer. The answer is simply, ‘no.’


If you readily accept and agree with that answer, you’ll know that you have changed.


‘No’ is an answer.


The amber light is also an answer.


It gives us the answer ‘wait, not yet’.


You may well be asking for the right thing, but you may be asking at the wrong time. That’s when the very humbling waiting game begins.


Your submissive response to amber is one of the clearest indicators that a change has taken place deep within you.


Amber is what will contribute to your spiritual growth more than most other things.


For every red and for every amber, there is just one green light.

In reality, that probably is not a bad gauge as to how many disappointing times you get a ‘no’ and a ‘wait’, compared to a resounding green light for ‘YES’.


The truth is though, all 3 are answers; they’re just not the answers you wanted or expected.


I pray that as we draw nearer to Jesus at the end of this 21-day fast, we would reflect on the simple words of an old song that we used to sing in Church…


‘Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on me


Break me, melt me, mold me, fill me


Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on me’


Pastor Mark


A daily devotion for a better way of living.