Fresh Hope – Day 68

The presence of a storm in your life does not indicate the absence of God, neither does the absence of a storm indicate the presence of God.

Storms are a part of life.

Flying to Africa a few days ago meant that we encountered some pretty strong turbulence along the way. The pilot, however, just took it all in his stride; for him it was just a normal day at the office.

It is possible today that you are a person that wants to know where God has gone during your storm, however, your turbulent day has little to do with the absence of God.

Someone once said, ‘If God seems far away, guess who moved…’

Your storm may well be your own doing.

You may have ignored some simple advice and gone head-long into a ferocious thunder cloud. Your storm was not the absence of God, but the absence of wisdom.

Here’s what we should consider when going through stormy and troubled times…

God is not repelled by trouble; He is actually attracted to it.

Psalm 46:1 NIV

‘God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.’

When Jesus told His disciples to get into a boat and cross the lake one day, He didn’t warn them that they would run into a storm that would completely scare the wits out of them, instead, He met them IN the storm and said, ‘cheer up, it’s me, don’t be afraid.’

Jesus doesn’t always favour leading you around a storm, as He knows that that won’t help strengthen your faith, but He does always hold your hand as He takes you through the storm.

He didn’t lift the disciples’ boat out of the water, but instead, He lifted the disciples by turning up at the most crucial time.

Think about the words of one of my favourite songs taken from Psalm 46 and sense Jesus’ presence in your storm right now…

When the mountains fall

And the tempest roars, You are with me

When creation folds

Still my soul will soar on Your mercy

I’ll walk through the fire

With my head lifted high

And my spirit revived in Your story

And I’ll look to the cross

As my failure is lost

In the light of Your glorious grace

Pastor Mark

A daily devotion for a better way of living.