Fresh Hope – Day 95

I determined several years ago that part of my life’s work was to leave behind something far better than what had been handed down to me.

What we start with in life may not be much, but we each have the opportunity to make significant strides forward with the time allotted to us.

Think about how you can impact your little corner of the world.

How sad would it be if we left this planet in exactly the same way as we found it…

In 1992, we moved into our second home. It was in a terrible state of repair and needed lots of attention. The outside looked pitiful and was a real eyesore in the street.

I decided to draw on a piece of paper the house that I envisioned, and slowly but surely started to turn my plan into a nice family home that complimented the houses around it.

When we came to sell it 15 years later, it had increased five-fold in value.

That very home today is lived in by our daughter, son-in-law and their 2 children.

Each of us can make the place that we live in better than it was when we found it.

Some of you reading this today can change a street or a town, but some of you have the capacity to change a city, or even a nation.

An eighty year old man was seen planting an apple orchard. He lovingly and painstakingly prepared the soil, planted the tiny saplings and watered them daily.

After watching him for a while, a young boy enquired, “You don’t expect to eat apples from those trees, do you?”

“No” the old man replied, “but I’m doing it so that lots of people will in the future.”

Your actions today can help those that come behind you reap a great reward tomorrow.

When you serve people or influence them positively, and when you encourage them to pass along to others what they have received, you create a chain of impact that can out-live you.

Be a difference maker today and at the same time, make a brighter future for those that are behind you.

Psalm 33:11

… ‘The plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations.’

Pastor Mark

A daily devotion for a better way of living.