Fresh Hope – Day 103

We see and meet lots of people… Some of them you’ll remember and some you won’t.

Those you remember are the ones who made an impression on you.

Unfortunately, not always for great reasons… someone may have been moody, rude, a troublemaker, immature etc, and you remember them for those reasons.

I wonder what people remember about you…




A great attitude in a bad situation?



As Christians, we should be people who ‘stand out’ for all the RIGHT reasons. We should be the people that others look at and say, “I want to be like them.”

In 1 Samuel 16, when King Saul was looking for someone to enter his royal service, he said of David, “He has made an impression on me.”

David had made a great impression by the way that he was and by the way that he lived. He impressed the King. God’s plan came into being for David from that very first impression.

Ask yourself right now… What do people see in me? Am I reflecting the goodness of God in my life?

Make a great impression wherever you go, one that will last… And when you do, God’s plan for your life will come into being also.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.