Fresh Hope – Day 174

So many things in life can consume us. They consume our thinking, our time, our energy and even our health.

You may have woken up today consumed by your ill health or your finances, maybe a marriage difficulty or a wayward child. Maybe you’re consumed with an issue at work or at college?

It leads us to worry and to fear. It leads us to lose sight of everything else because we are so consumed with whatever it is.

There’s a wonderful verse in Lamentations 3. It says “because of the Lord’s great love, we are NOT consumed.”

Things that consume us can take our focus off God and His goodness.
They can take us away from the very plan of God for our lives.
The enemy is very good at getting you to be ‘consumed’ by stuff – so you have no energy left for that which really matters.

Today, right now, take that which consumes you, and offer it to God.
He will help you. He will take your worries, concerns and burdens.
Get your focus off it and onto God.

If you want to be consumed by something, be consumed with His goodness, His love and His wonderful peace.

Because of His great love, we don’t have to be consumed by stuff.
Wow. Thank Him today for His great love for you, give Him that which consumes you and see what a difference it makes to your day.

Happy Friday

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.