Fresh Hope – Day 175

Apparently, a diamond is a dirty rock that has been put under a tremendous amount of pressure. How interesting.

A diamond is the ultimate symbol of love, sparkle and shine and often status, yet it originated as a dirty rock.

It took a diamond specialist to identify it when it was in its ‘dirty rock’ state and say, “that’s really a diamond.”

You may feel like a dirty rock today, you may even look like one, but inside of you is a precious diamond waiting to come out.

It takes the diamond specialist of your life, Jesus, to see you in that initial state and to take you and transform you  into what you were created for.

If this sounds appealing though, get ready – you’ll need to be put under a lot of pressure to get to diamond status.

When we get put under pressure, what really is in us will come out and often that’s not pretty.

Pressure is what makes the diamond and when it happens to us, God is trying to get rid of everything in us that doesn’t resemble Jesus.

Feel under pressure today? Good.
Make sure that in this process you are becoming more like the diamond you are supposed to be.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.