Fresh Hope – Day 181

What do you say to people to encourage them, when you feel that you need encouraging yourself?

What do you say to someone who needs a friend, when you long for a friend yourself?

How can you lift someone up, when you feel down yourself?

How do you talk to that depressed person when you feel like that yourself?

We can often spend so long feeling sorry for ourselves, that we fail to see that we have the answer.

I once heard someone say, “no one speaks to me” – the truth was, when I observed that person, they spoke to no one either.

There is a great principal in the Bible; it’s called ┬áthe law of sowing and reaping. So even though it’s hard for you to sow that kindness, that friendship, that encouragement, that love, you need to, so the very thing that you need to reap will come right back to you.

Sow friendship and you’ll get friendship. Speak to a lonely person and you won’t feel so lonely. Be an encourager and that encouragement will come right back to you!

It’s amazing how it works, but it does…it’s called ┬áthe law of sowing and reaping.

Go and make someone’s day today and see what comes right back to you.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotional for a better way of living.