Fresh Hope – Day 182

It’s amazing how things can seem so different, if we just have the right attitude.

Our life’s journey is a little like an aeroplane journey. We’re all going somewhere and our attitude on that journey will determine if we enjoy those next several hours.

For instance, every seat can be a first class seat, if we have the right attitude.

I’d love to be like the people at the front with big armchairs, great food, and the chance to lie down and sleep instead of being cramped at the back.

But my attitude goes from “why aren’t I in first class?” to “I’m blessed to be on this flight, I’m blessed that I had the money to pay for it AND I’m going to the same destination as those at the front.”

Your journey is a lot about your attitude. I may not be in first class, but I am going to have a first class experience.

I’ve also learnt this: the greater your attitude, the further you’ll go and the higher you’ll climb.

So think today about all the great things that you do have and don’t concentrate on that which you don’t.

God loves a great heart and a great attitude.

Have a first class attitude and you’ll never travel in economy life again.

 Pastor Gillian

 A daily devotion for a better way of living.