Fresh Hope – Day 184

Recently, I bought something on the internet, and as a thank you from the company whom I purchased it from, I was sent a free gift in the post.

When the gift arrived, I opened it, pulled it out of the box and put the box and its remaining contents aside. I then placed the gift in my bedroom and proceeded to throw away the box and the documents inside of it.

A few days later, our family came round for dinner and during the afternoon, this free gift that I had been sent came up in conversation. Two family members then mentioned how they had also received this same gift some time ago and had gone on to sell it for a reasonable amount of money. At this, my ears pricked up and I began to get excited about how I could also do the same.

As the conversation further unfolded, I discovered that the value of this item was found in what I had thrown away…the box and the certificate of authenticity. Immediately, I headed for the recycling bin outside, hoping to retrieve what I had thrown out earlier in the week, only to find that it was too late…it was gone.

At the time of receiving this gift, I failed to see the value of it, causing me to throw away what I thought to be worthless.

So often in life, we fail to see the true value of what sits right in front of us, and that is PEOPLE. We discard what we perceive to lack worth. However, to God, people are His most prized possession… They are His ultimate treasure.

Whenever you go shopping and you see an item for sale, one of the very first things that you do is look at the price. I think that we should adopt this same way of living when it comes to people; see first the price that was paid for them – that being God’s one and only Son, Jesus, who was sent to die on a cross to purchase what was already His: you and I.

I want to encourage you to see the value in today, and that is found in the people around you.

Caleb Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.