Fresh Hope – Day 185

We’ve been looking this week about how life can be a bit like an aeroplane journey (see Days 182 and 183).

Here’s another thought to help you: NOT ALL OF YOUR JOURNEY WILL BE PEACE AND QUIET.

“Oh, but I want to get on the plane and enjoy a smooth, quiet beautiful journey, with no one bothering me and I want to have eight hours of comfy sleep and a nice dinner.”
That is not reality.

On one of our very first aeroplane journeys, we took our 20 month old drumming son, complete with his little drums.  We thought it would be quite acceptable to let him play them to pass the time, we didn’t quite think about anyone else!

On a plane, you’ll often encounter babies crying, people snoring loudly, or talking very loudly, even turbulence .
On my first ever flight, the turbulence was so bad that a woman started screaming very loudly in the seat behind us and scared everyone half to death.

Turbulence freaks some people out, others enjoy it.  But sometimes turbulence can turn people very strange.  ‘Woah! What happened to them?’ They hit some turbulence. Their eyes are bloodshot. Their face is a weird colour and they’re holding on to something so hard they’re killing it.

That’s a lot like life. Turbulence can have a strange affect on some people, whilst others just treat it like a fairground ride. It’s only here for a short time, so we may as well just hold on tight.

We’re all on this journey called Life. Sometimes it’s going to be noisy, it’s going to get turbulent at some point and at times it will get messy and even scary.

If you want life to be all peace and quiet, go and live in the monastery or take up residency in the graveyard.

Life will have turbulence – stuff that tries to shake you up a bit.
One minute all is calm, the next, the “fasten your seatbelt” sign is on.
God often allows turbulence in your life to make you stronger.

Isaiah 32 v 18 says “My people will live in peaceful habitations, safe dwellings and quiet resting places. ”

It’s talking about in our hearts. Not on the outside.
There will be times of peace and quiet in your life, and those times are good – like when the lights go out on the plane and they ask you to rest.

But most of the time life isn’t like that.
Make sure you KNOW the God of peace for yourself today, so that when the turbulence does come, you are safely resting in the fact that He has you in the palm of His hand.

Pastor Gillian

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