Fresh Hope – Day 194

Have you ever been tempted to quit? Of course, the answer is ‘yes’, for discouragement pays a visit to all of us at one time or another. We can begin to think, I don’t know if this was a good idea after all. Maybe I’m not equipped for this job. Maybe I just don’t have what it takes to do what’s in my heart.

Of course, these kinds of emotions and thoughts are normal, but we are not called just to be normal. We have a supernatural calling from God to do supernatural things. We must therefore walk not by our feelings and thoughts, but rather by faith.

If God has put it in your heart to do something and you get discouraged along the way, you have only two options:

1) You can press forward with all that is within you until you experience victory — past all your emotions that are screaming that you’re going to fail; or 2) you can listen to your negative thoughts and emotions, fall out of your race, and fail to complete the assignment God has given you.

Consider Jesus…He suffered all the way through the Crucifixion, taking our very punishment upon Himself. What if He had said, “This is too hard — I want to quit”?

Sadly, this mindset of quitting when things get hard has become all too familiar.

No matter what assignment God has given you, this is the question you must answer: Do you want to pay the price required to see it to the finish?

I encourage you today to check your heart and count the cost. Count the price you must pay to fulfill all that God is asking you to do. Make sure you’re committed to staying faithful to the end. Stay willing to go through any and every difficulty, in order to finish your God-given assignment.

Pastor Mark

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