Fresh Hope – Day 206

Trees are amazing things.

A palm tree  for instance, survives in red hot conditions. It was made for red hot conditions. Which proves this: whatever the conditions are in your life right now, if you’re meant to be there, you’ll not only survive but flourish.

The giant Cedars in Alaska experience temperatures that vary from summer to winter, sometimes as extreme as 160 degrees!
Wow.  Yet they are strong and tall and they are known for growing close together.

It makes their wood prized for strength and yet gives them a delicate beauty. They are made for such extreme conditions.

You are stronger than you think. God doesn’t put you in extreme conditions and leave you. He’ll allow you to become stronger there and to flourish.

So whatever you’re facing today, stand tall and flourish.  God is with you.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.