Fresh Hope – Day 209

A few years ago, I was prescribed glasses.

Words on the TV were starting to get blurry, so I made an appointment at the opticians.

The glasses they gave me made everything crystal clear…like someone had polished my eyeballs – incredible!

Now I don’t really wear them very often, in fact only occasionally, but when I do it’s amazing how clear things become.

So why don’t I wear them more often I ask myself? Surely I should!!

The vision we have for our lives can be like this, with moments of pure clarity and then the everyday blurry landscape.

What is it that can make life become crystal clear? And what is the difference maker?

A great book I can recommend is called ‘The Difference Maker’ by John Maxwell – a leading expert on leadership and motivation.

He asks, ‘How can two people with the same skills and abilities, in the same situation end up with two totally different outcomes?’ John Maxwell says, the difference maker is attitude.

Now, my glasses make a huge difference – they compensate for my weakness, they aid my eyesight to be better than it actually is…whilst they don’t actually make my eyes any better, they change the way I see my surroundings.

Today, allow your attitude to change the way you see your surroundings, your circumstances and situation.

Although a great attitude can’t change something physically, it makes a massive difference in the way you see it.

Come on people, allow your attitude to be the difference maker today.

Adam Nash

A daily devotion for a better way of living.