Fresh Hope – Day 216

I don’t know what your maths skills are like?  Mine are pretty good.  My mom is almost 84, hers are pretty good too.

I loved maths at school…until they introduced algebra and ridiculous stuff like that.
Like, what has ‘3(m+21) = 5’ got to do with life ?

For all you maths teachers and curriculum setters, surely we just need to add, subtract, multiply and divide?
I need to know how to work out percentages…like my 10% tithe and I need to know how much something is going to cost me when it’s 70% off!
And that’s about it.

But God who is the cleverest of all beings because He is God, isn’t into all maths.
For a start, He’s not into subtraction.
He doesn’t like to subtract a thing,  especially from your life.
He does however, love to add.
But more than adding, He’s better at multiplication.

I don’t know what you think about God today, I don’t  know how much you know or comprehend, but understand this, He wants to add to your life and He wants to multiply blessings back into your life.

If something’s being taken from you now it probably isn’t God.

God’s about giving to you.

When you give your money to God, He multiplies it back to you. When you give your time and energy, He multiples blessings back into your life.

The only time God wants to subtract stuff from your life, is when He replaces it with something better. He takes our worries and concerns, He adds peace.
He takes our sickness and replaces it with health.
He takes our bad situations and replaces them with blessings.

The devil comes to steal, but our God loves to add and multiply. Thank you Jesus.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.