Fresh Hope – Day 223

In the TV programme ‘Kitchen Nightmares’, the famous chef Gordon Ramsay, gets to tell the truth to restaurants that aren’t successful. He has the ability to tell the truth and not be frightened to do so.
When the truth is told, everyone deals with it differently. Some warmly embrace it, some take time to digest it and some downright refuse it.

The only time however, when there is a happy successful ending, is when the people take on the advice and apply it.
It may be about the rubbish food, the dirty restaurant, the tired decor or the wrong personalities of the staff. But one thing is for sure, Gordon Ramsay has the courage to confront and get the results.

There is a truth that what you are unwilling to confront, will never change.

What you keep putting off, even though you know it not to be right, will always stay the same.

If we are all honest with ourselves, there are things in our lives that we are not happy with and wish were different and some of them could have been like that for years.

Surely there is nothing worse, than coming to the end of your life and wishing it could have been different?

Today, have the courage to confront yourself, ask the Holy Spirit to tell you what needs to change and be done…and then simply DO IT.

You won’t see the change until you do.

Pastor Gillian.

A daily devotion for a better way of living.