Fresh Hope – Day 241

Do you remember the TV programme This Is Your Life?  I always thought it was strange when they took a 30 year old and made the programme about them. Yet the truth is, even at a young age, you can have already done something very significant with your life and the great thing for those 30 year olds, is that they have plenty of time left for many more great things too.

We’ve probably all heard the phrase “it’s his or her season.” You only have to look at a footballer to know that is true.  One season can be great, the next can be not so.

Did you know that there will come a season for the very reason of your life?
God saw a problem and He sent you to sort it. There is a purpose for your very life and there is a plan that God Himself designed.

When you think about seasons, they are all very different, but in their own way, all very beautiful.

Thank God for the very season you are in right now. Thank Him that He has a plan and purpose for your life and when ‘your season’ comes, make sure you are ready for it and you don’t miss it.

Be like the surgeon’s instruments in the theatre, all clean and ready to be used.  You may not need to be used in the next operation, but when it’s your turn, you are ready and willing and able.

THIS IS YOUR LIFE.  Make sure you live it on purpose.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.