Fresh Hope – Day 251

I have attended a fitness boot camp for the past 12 months and one phrase they use has impacted me, not just on a physical/fitness level but it has permeated through my life.

‘If it’s hurting, it’s working.’

Those days you wake up after exercising your legs and you can’t bare to walk down the stairs, this saying rings loud with every step…

The nature of muscle building and fat stripping to push your body to its limit  and as it recovers, it grows and becomes more lean.

I love how this can help us in life. Circumstances or situations will and can push us to our limits – hurting on all sorts of levels, but as the good saying goes: ‘whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.’ I believe we can grow in character and faith.

Paul writes about this in his letters; how as our character is matured and patience is gained, there our faith is built up too.

Whatever you’re going through today, ask God to help you grow and to help you see the work He is doing within you.

I want to grow my faith in God, so I have to push it to its limit…not always easy, like fitness – some days I just don’t want to! However, persistence pays off.

I encourage you today to keep running this race and press on to that goal…for our God is faithful!

Adam Nash

A daily devotion for a better way of living.