Fresh Hope – Day 273

I want to ask how many of you suffer from back ache?

You may say “me!”

A lot more of us have a different kind of back ache. It’s called carrying too many burdens…

You get weighed down with heavy stuff, you carry too much worry and anxiety.

You get concerned about so much this and that…and it’s HEAVY.

There’s nothing I like more than my husband to be with me when I’m shopping. Why? So he can carry my bags.

Why do we carry around stuff that is heavy when there is one who wants to carry it for us?

I would not struggle home from the supermarket with heavy bags, if there was one more able than I to carry them.

Yet we hang on to stuff that’s heavy and cumbersome, so much that it makes our back ache.

You can carry something for so long that it gives you permanent back ache – it affects the whole of your being.

Let it go today. There is one who not only wants to take it, but He is able.

You can be free.
Free from burdens. Free from back ache.

Let it go. Give it up. Feel the release.

1 Peter 5v7 ‘Cast your burden onto the Lord, because He cares for you.’

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.