Fresh Hope – Day 289

Have you ever received a gift that you’ve never used? For whatever reason, it’s still in your wardrobe, or it’s in a drawer beneath your bed and you haven’t seen it since it was given to you…

I am of course referring to a physical, tangible gift. But I wonder how many of you have done the exact same thing with the gift that God has given to you…

You see, God has placed something on the inside of each one of us, and that something is a gift. Now, you have two choices when it comes to what you do with that gift – you can either hide it away or you can put it to work.

God has put something in your hand that has the power and the potential to make a difference in this world, but for many of you, your gift still has the tags on (speaking figuratively).

Can I encourage you today to take a hold of the gift that God has given to you and put that thing to work? Whether it’s a gift to play sport, or to be a doctor/nurse, maybe right now you are a barista at Starbucks…whatever your gift may be, God wants to use you! Be the best you can be, give it everything you’ve got, and watch how God will elevate and promote you to higher levels in the process.

Caleb Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.