Fresh Hope – Day 296

I want to encourage you today that God can change a situation round in an instant.

I have been thinking about Saul in the Bible; he was a complete God-hater, Christian hater and very evil man.

One day he had an encounter with Almighty God, that changed his life forever.

Do you have a situation in your life right now that seems to be going completely the opposite way to what you would want?

Do you have a seemingly impossible mountain ahead?

Do you have an incurable sickness?

Do you have someone in your family who is so far away from God that it breaks your heart?

Be encouraged today, because God is the God of the impossible.

If God can turn Saul around in a five minute encounter, then your problem is not too difficult either.

Keep praying. Keep believing. Keep looking forward to that moment when God does a ‘suddenly’ in your life.

No one is too far from God for Him to reach.

No sickness is beyond His healing.

No impossibility is impossible for Him.

Be encouraged today. Put your faith and trust firmly back into the One who can do ALL things.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.