Fresh Hope – Day 306

Whilst driving to Birmingham train station this morning, I noticed a site where people were busy demolishing a building.  No doubt they were removing something in order to replace it with something better, or so I hoped.  I noticed how easy the process was and wondered how long it took to build that building, how long the architect took to plan it and now it was no longer necessary.

It’s always easier to break than it is to build.  It’s also easier to hinder than it is to help or hurt than it is to heal.

Every day we are faced with options and choices like, ‘can I help or shall I hinder? And ‘can I heal or shall I hurt?’

Our societies, communities and families are filled with hurting people.  Remember hurt people hurt people.  As we go through today and every other day, let’s do it with our eyes and ears open as week consciously look and listen for those who have been hurt or broken through various circumstance and let’s ask ourselves if there is anything we can do to help or to heal.

You see, life is filled with stories within stories.  You and I are on our way somewhere when our path collides with someone else’s path, someone who needs a little help.  The Gospels are full of such events.  Jesus was often on His way somewhere when His path crossed that of a needy person. He was always ready and willing to stop and help or heal.  Let’s bear that in mind as we go through today.

Take care!

Pastor Donovan Coetzee

A daily devotion for a better way of living.