Fresh Hope – Day 308

Joseph had a great destiny. How do we know that? Because God told him in a dream that one day he would be great and that people would bow down to him. 

It seemed to all go horribly wrong, because a short time later, he found himself fighting for his life in a pit, at the hands of his very own family. 

Life can suddenly turn, but what happens to us in that hole is very important. 

Had God changed His mind? No.

Did He still love Joseph? Yes.

Would He still fulfil His purpose for Him? Yes.

Just because life doesn’t always run like we would want it to, doesn’t mean that God has left us. 

Don’t die in the hole. 

Keep trusting and believing God. 

He is the master builder. And to build something master class takes time. 

Your responsibility is to keep a great heart and a great attitude in the meantime.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.