Fresh Hope – Day 318

Recently, I was watching the David Beckham Match for Children on TV. It was quite the occasion, with some of the world’s greatest football players all on the same pitch playing together.

One of my favourite moments of the game was when Brooklyn Beckham came on in replacement for his Dad. The crowd were upstanding, cheering and admiring this historic moment.

Brooklyn walked onto the pitch looking confident, as he entered a game filled with some of the most talented individuals that football has ever seen.

Now, he was not the most experienced player on the pitch. His ability in comparison to those around him wouldn’t have been the reason for his confidence. What provided the skip in his step, so to speak, was knowing who his dad was…that was where his confidence was found.

In life, you too can experience this same kind of confidence, when you understand that through simple belief in Jesus, you can become a child of God.

It means that you aren’t dependant on your past experience, nor are you preoccupied with your ability in comparison to others, your confidence is rooted in who your Dad is.

When you live life with Jesus, He will take you places that you don’t deserve to be and will do for you that which you cannot do for yourself. That’s the message of His grace…

Caleb Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.