Fresh Hope – Day 325

If you raid the fridge at midnight once or twice, it’s probably quite acceptable. But when that becomes a habit and something you have to do, then you’ve probably got a problem.

Most ‘giants’ in our lives don’t start off as giants, they grow into them.

A small white lie here, a small one there and before long, you never really tell the truth at all.

Goliath in the Bible, wasn’t born a giant (thankfully, for all Moms out there), he grew into one.

Whatever your giant, if you don’t face it, you’ll never conquer it and if you don’t face it when it’s small, it will become a giant that’s harder to deal with.
A giant can come in many forms
– an eating problem
– depression
– a wrong relationship
– debt (you weren’t always in debt)
– sin
– bad habits
– addictions
– worry
– fear
– people

The┬álist is endless…

In 1 Samuel, we read how little David conquered giant Goliath. If he can do it, so can you and I.

Don’t let little problems become massive giants in your life. Identify them now and ‘nip them in the bud.’
And if your giant, is already massive, like Goliath…do a ‘David’ on it and call on God’s help.
Because with God, all things are possible.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.