Fresh Hope – Day 331

Last week, we looked at giants in our lives and how if we’re not careful they can try to┬ádefeat us…yet God has given us everything we need to defeat them.

Think of David and Goliath.
Small boy, big problem – yet with God, all things are possible.

Here are 4 ways to identify a ‘giant’ in your life.

1. It will be big
In 1 Samuel 17, it tells us that Goliath was huge and his armour weighed 9 stone alone.
Giants will always be ‘big’ things in your life (that’s why they are called giants).

2. It will taunt you
It will plague you. It will whisper in your ear and make you feel useless, like giving up, tell you that you can’t cope, that it’s not worth it.

3. It will bring you fear
Your giant may not be the physical size of Goliath, but it will scare you. Giants can overwhelm us with fear. Fear that you’re not going to get any better, that it’s never going to be any different.
STOP – God is not the author of fear.

4. It will be consistent
We read that Goliath was there everyday.
Giants are there when you wake, and they’re there when your head hits the pillow.

Don’t be scared by those four things. David wasn’t.

He faced it.
Whatever is in your life right now that is holding you back and stopping you from moving forward, deal with it. Call on God.
He is only a prayer away.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.