Fresh Hope – Day 353

We have a little dog called Percy. He has some funny little ways…however, one of his most endearing would be that first thing in a morning, when he sees you for the first time, he can’t come straight to you unless he ‘brings’ something. Anything will do, whatever is on the floor at that particular time – a slipper, a piece of clothing, he just has to bring you something.

What a lovely gesture, he knows that he is going to receive a big love and a lot of fuss and so he wants to bring a ‘gift’, as his way of showing appreciation.

In the Christmas story, the wise men brought gifts to Jesus. They knew that they couldn’t enter into the presence of the KING of KINGS without showing their appreciation.

It’s polite and good etiquette, that when you go to someone’s home for a meal, or supper or even a coffee, to take a gift – whetherĀ it be flowers or chocolates or some other small token, it’s your way of saying ‘thank you for having me, I appreciate it.’

Every moment of every day, we have an opportunity to enter into the presence of the King. Every week when we go to Church, we are together having an audience with God himself.

Be a bringer, don’t come empty handed.
Bring your best worship, your best attitude, your best offering, your very life itself…

Deuteronomy 16 v 17 says ‘we are not to come to the Lord empty handed.’

Be a bringer today. A bringer of good things.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.