Fresh Hope – 23rd January 2016

I wonder how old you are? I wonder how mature you are? For maturity has nothing to do with age. We can be 70 and immature and 17 and very mature.

Once we get old enough to not have to rely on an adult to feed us, clothe us and look after us, we have to learn to take responsibility for ourselves.
Unfortunately, some of us don’t.

We can be weak in areas in our lives, yet never take responsibility for ourselves.
A great time of prayer and fasting can reveal areas in our lives that need working on.

In 1 Timothy chapter 4, Paul is instructing the young Timothy to take responsibility and not to let anyone look down on him because he is young.

People who are mature and well-respected even at a young age, are so, because they are taking responsibility for themselves and have decided to get onto a road that leads to their growth.

Here are some things that Paul told Timothy – use them as a checklist to see how you are doing…

YOU have to set the example
YOU have to devote yourself
YOU have to develop your gift
YOU have to be diligent
YOU have to give yourself wholly
YOU need to watch YOUR life closely
YOU need to persevere in your calling

Let today be the day that you start to grow up!

Happy Saturday :)

Pastor Gillian

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