Fresh Hope – 25th January 2016

“I wish I knew at 18 what I know now” is a phrase you will hear often. It speaks of the fact that since that time, people have not only gotten older, but wiser. They have learnt more things, gained more wisdom and ‘grown up’.

Like I said on Saturday, age is not always about ‘growing up’.

If you are healthy, you will grow. A healthy child grows and so does an adult.

A child walking to school sucking a dummy, may make you take notice and think that shouldn’t be.
An 8 year old drinking milk from a baby’s bottle, will identify that something is not right.
A 10 year old with Huggies ‘pull ups’ on will indicate that there is a problem.
Because when we grow, these things will change.

Yet, some adults are fully grown physically, yet not fully mature.
Certain areas of our lives are not fully developed, because we haven’t taken responsibility for ourselves.
Some people consistently make the same mistakes, fall into the same traps and seem to go round in circles, all because they don’t learn.

Paul in The New Testament addresses the Christians and tells them that ‘as a baby craves milk, we should crave God’s word.’ (1 Peter 2 vs2)

Things that will help you to grow up:

Prayer – a daily relationship with Jesus will change you and help you to become more like Him.

Reading the Bible – you will learn God’s ways and God’s truth and get guidance.

Being in a great church – will be a great environment for growth (like a greenhouse) where you will be taught and encouraged.

Being with God-centered people – They will help and encourage you on your journey and spur you on to greater things.

Happy growing!

Pastor Gillian

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