Fresh Hope – 1st February 2016

Have you ever driven close to a major airport and been amazed at how large planes taking off in the distance appear to be just hanging in the air and almost, at a standstill?

I was driving to Heathrow airport a few days ago and found myself asking the very same question that we’ve all asked: how does such a thing happen?

The truth is, the plane that has just taken to the skies is actually climbing steeply and is traveling at around 300 mph – otherwise it wouldn’t be airborne.

The illusion created is because of the distance between you and the plane. Anyone on the plane is sensing the speed and the climb whilst all of us looking on seem to be witnessing an image frozen in time.

I wonder how many of us have experienced that same slow motion feeling when looking on at our own lives…I know that I have.

It feels at times that nothing is moving; it feels like we are just standing still and that we are certainly not going upwards towards our destiny.

In all probability, God is moving you at speed in order to get you into position during your flight time or shall we say life time, yet for you and I, we are not experiencing the same sense of momentum.

Don’t be discouraged today at how slowly things seem to be going for you…God is simply preparing you for great things, all of which means it takes time.

Take a tasty stew that been placed in the slow cooker in the morning. If you went home at lunch time and tasted it, you’d find yourself thinking that it will never be cooked, yet come tea time, it will melt in your mouth – it’s¬†all to do with timing.

I well remember the foundations of our church being laid. Every day as I watched from a distance, the sense of frustration was so discouraging as there was seemingly nothing to see for all the hard work, not to mention the money.

We all know that the higher and stronger the building is to be, the lower the foundations have to be.

The time spent laying the foundations of your life is all because God doesn’t want you to fail – He’s preparing you with success in mind.

At times, I’ve prayed for years for certain things to come to pass and at the time it all seemed to be to no avail. Yet looking back, I now realise that God was simply preparing me in the process.

Today, remind yourself that before every success there has to be a process.

Anything that will last into eternity, always takes time.
Galatians 6:9 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Pastor Mark

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