Fresh Hope – 10th March 2016

What is your dream and what is your passion?

Maybe it’s to be a very successful businessman or woman. Find someone who is more successful than you and get alongside them. Listen to them, learn from them, ask questions and you’ll get inspired.

When you’re a musician and you have the privilege of playing with more gifted ones than yourself, you’ll get inspired and you’ll want to get better.

I love flowers, I love to arrange flowers for gifts. When I see great flower arrangements and displays, I get ideas and I get inspired. I notice flowers wherever I go and the good ones inspire me.

As a pastorĀ and a leader, I love to be with people who inspire me. Those who have been there and done that and have done it or are doing it well.
Time invested with such people is invaluable time spent.

Too often we like our own company, or we spend too much time with people who aren’t going to inspire us to be better.

Today, make a decision to learn something new, get with someone who is further down the road than you and get inspired.
Whatever your dream or passion today, ask God to give you opportunities to grow in that area.

I love the story of the table tennis player who only ever played people who were far better than himself. When asked how we felt about getting beaten every game, he gave this great answer “I may be getting beaten, but I’m getting better.”

Who/what is making you better today?

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.