Fresh Hope – 17th March 2016

I would suggest that the word ‘Honour’ is an ‘old-fashioned’ word, perhaps not so common in today’s society. However, it is a powerful word and carries huge implications.

By definition, it means: high respect; great esteem or regard with great respect.
To show honour to others is not really in-keeping with today’s society – which is more than ever all about your own self.

The Bible uses the word honour a number of times and is usually connected to a powerful truth. Just one example is found in
Romans 12:10 – ‘Be devoted to one another in love. Honour one another above yourselves.’

Ask yourself what would happen if today all your family, friends and work colleagues, honoured each other – put others before themselves, encouraged each other, preferred each other. What could that look like?
Maybe it would look like, a family re-united, parents back together, siblings living under the same roof once again. Perhaps it would look like your business turning around and being successful, your work place being a place of achievement and team spirit?

The Bible holds a great truth that there is power in honour – honouring each other and especially honouring God.

Why not take time to honour your friends and family today? Why not bring back the word honour and make it the in-thing to do?

Adam Nash

A daily devotion for a better way of living.