Fresh Hope – 18th March 2016

When you were younger, do you remember looking up to someone, and wishing you could be just like them? Imagine if you had carried
that on into adulthood? There’s nothing wrong with admiring someone but always be you. God put you on this earth to do what only you can do.

There may be times in your life, when you’ve said “I want to be like them.” Someone has likely said that about you too.

You’ll influence more people by being your authentic self. It may seem scary at first. ‘What if I’m misunderstood?’ ‘What if people
don’t like the real me?’ The freedom that comes in Christ is that there is a new you
waiting to be discovered. Invite God to reveal it to you today. We have the privilege of relationship with a limitless and amazing God. We can never ask him for too much.

That thing that sets your heart ablaze? It’s likely connected to your purpose. Run with it and see where God takes you. He is waiting.
Our dreams, our gifts and our talents were given to us by Him and He has an awesome purpose for each and every one of them but we’ll never live that out fully, if we’re made up of bits and bobs of other people.

Melissa Reynolds-Lawrence

A daily devotion for a better way of living.