Fresh Hope – 21st March 2016

We all have a plan over our lives. We were all born with a great purpose. You may not feel like that today, but it is still true.

Circumstances may come against you, but if you are willing and available, nothing will stop God’s plan in your life.

Think about Moses.
Moses had been chosen before the foundation of the Earth for his God-assignment.

Pharaoh decided that when Moses was born, he would kill every baby boy in order to stop God’s plan. It didn’t stop Moses.
God’s hand of protection was on him, from day one.

So when the enemy wants to mess with you, your family or your life, he doesn’t realise that he’s messing with Almighty God IN you.

If King Pharaoh, with all the power and influence, couldn’t stop Moses, then nothing will stop God’s plan for your life.

You could say that Moses had been born at the wrong time, as all the baby boys were being killed. We make all sorts of excuses, like ‘I was born at the wrong time, to the wrong parents.’ You may think you weren’t wanted or were even a mistake.

Not to God. His plan for your life will be fulfilled, as long as you are

Pastor Gillian

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