Fresh Hope – 24th March 2016

As we approach this special season of Easter, we are drawn to remember that when God sent his son to die for our sins, He gave His best, and He gave His all.

Giving your all is a theme right throughout the Bible.

Now, it’s one thing for God to give me His all, but I’m not sure as to why I should give mine, after all, I should surely keep something back just for me…right?

I was 19 years of age and I felt an inner prompting from God to leave my chosen career behind and go to Bible college; I was scared, but I knew it was something that I must do.

After being rejected following my first interview, I accepted their advice to go back to work and then reapply in 12 months time.

My acceptance for the 2 year course, a year later, meant that I would need to find £3500, a pretty big sum now, and even more so in 1982.

It was a sum that I didn’t have, but I did have my life savings which amounted to £1500. They were everything I had and without even thinking, I drew every last penny out.

It was my best and my all, but it was more than paying my way to get to college, it was paving my way for my future.

Now all these years later, I can honestly say that I have no regrets in doing what I did and would do it again, in fact I have done it again, several times over.

I’ve done it with money, with cars, with possessions and most importantly, I do it daily with my life. I give my life daily over to God and ask Him to use me unreservedly. “Take my best and my all” is my prayer.

The amazing thing is this: when you give your best and your all on this earth, something takes place in Heaven that changes your life forever.

When you give all that you have unreservedly to God, instead of going without, you come into amazing and inexplicable blessing and favour.

People that hold back and refuse to give of themselves, never know of this blessing and only can look on at those that do and think, ‘how on earth did that happen for them?’

I encourage this Easter time, to give your life over to God without reservation. Give your best and give your all.

You’ll be totally blown away with what does happen in return for a person that is sold out to God.

“If Jesus Christ be God and died for me, then no sacrifice can be too great for me to make for Him.”
― C.T. Studd

Pastor Mark

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