Fresh Hope – 2nd April 2016

It’s very easy to become envious of people that you perceive to have already ‘arrived’ in life, seemingly without the effort and frustration that you are having to go through right now.

They seem to have become an overnight success and are gifted way beyond you, but remember, they too had to endure a process to get to where they are today.

Every success has a process that often you cannot see, or maybe you weren’t around for at the time.

I have come to realise, and to be at peace with the fact, that I am not accountable for the gifts that God has given someone else.

God does not expect me to produce beyond the level of the gifts given to me; instead, my only obligation is to use my gifts to the best of my ability.

Why look at someone else’s life and then belittle what God has done in your own life? The gifts that God has given to you are not the same as the gifts given to someone else.

If you compare yourself with others, you’ll never be at peace. Someone else’s life will always look better than yours; they’ll have more degrees, more money, a bigger house, a better physique, a better singing voice -the list goes on and on.

Today, I encourage you to celebrate the gifts that God has blessed you with and then use them to the very best of your ability.

Remember: every time that you focus on what others have, you start to lose sight of what you have been uniquely blessed with.

Don’t bury your gifts and talents fearing that you are useless compared to others, instead, use what you have been given and remember that there is always someone out there that would love to be in your shoes.

Pastor Mark

A daily devotion for a better way of living.