Fresh Hope – 5th April 2016

Yesterday, we spoke about allowing Jesus to be the Lord and leader of our lives.

One of the ways of thinking about that, in simple everyday terms, would be to think about Jesus as the steering wheel, rather than just a spare tyre of your life.

Today we look at another analogy that we can all relate to – the place where we live.

How many of us today are quite happy to have Jesus sit in the lounge of our lives, where it’s pretty clean, neat and tidy; but what about the attic where things are out of sight, or the garage where everything is just thrown in and the door kept firmly shut?

It’s those very ‘private’ areas that no one gets to see, He wants to have access so that he can bring order to your chaos and declutter all of your private thoughts – including the secrets that no one knows about.

If you would hate for anyone to know about what you view on the internet, then that’s a sign that you need to allow the Holy Spirit into those areas, so that you can be set free to live a pure and holy life.

Holiness is often seen to be a word associated with boredom and being a killjoy, but actually it’s about living a wholesome life, that has fulfilment without filth and laughs without being lewd.

Jesus had the most attractive life on the planet,  as people of all ages flocked to be near Him, yet He was 100% pure.

Stop living an unattractive life that is sitting on the fence and of no use to God nor the Devil.

Make your choice and be sold out for Jesus.

Put the welcome mat out today.
Don’t keep Jesus on the doorstep any longer or treat him just like a visitor; let him run the household. He knows best.

Pastor Mark

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