Fresh Hope – 12th April 2016

We have two dogs, Snoop Dogg and Percy.

Snoop is a chocolate Labrador that we have had and trained from a puppy. I can almost get that dog to do anything that I want with a one word command, apart from, that is, just one thing…

Labradors are known for their appetite, in that they will literally eat anything as if it were their last ever meal. We often joke that food to him is never tasted or chewed, it’s just swallowed as if there were no tomorrow.

Occasionally, he is given the leftovers from a Sunday lunch. The food is scraped into his bowl and on the command he is allowed to eat it. However, because he is so consumed with a passion for food and knowing that there is also another little dog around, he picks the dish up in his mouth and runs with it so that he makes sure that he gets it all to himself. What he doesn’t realise that as he’s running with it, the dish is tipping up and emptying all along the route, so that when he gets to his private eating spot, there’s very little left in the bowl.

His selfishness means that he actually gets less, not more, for himself; Percy then runs along behind him and does an amazing clear up job.

Holding on to your stuff may seem like that there’s going to be more for you, but actually you get less.

God has set generosity into the laws of the universe, so that you reap in proportion to what you sow – you never reap if you don’t sow.

Ask any farmer how much he reaps each year, and he will tell you that he reaps in proportion to what he has sowed; but he will also tell you that the quality of the seed that he sows brings a greater harvest.

How many times have we given away stuff that’s really our junk? We have a clear out and give away what we should have thrown away; we then think that we have done a good deed for someone less fortunate, In fact, we do exactly what Snoop does – we want to keep the best stuff for ourselves.

If you’re wondering why your dish seems almost empty when it should be full, take a look behind you and you’ll see what selfishness has caused you to lose along the way.

Proverbs 11:24 One person gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty.

Pastor Mark

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