Fresh Hope – 25th April 2016

We recently had the privilege of having Pastor Charles Nieman come and speak at our church. His message will live on in people’s minds for many years to come.

Away from the platform, he told me the powerful story of the city where his church is based, namely El Paso, Texas.

El Paso has been nominated as the safest city in America for several years running. As wonderful as that is, the most amazing thing is that El Paso is situated right on the border of Ciudad Juarez in Chihuahua, Mexico and is known as one of the most dangerous and violent cities in the world.

How incredible that the safest place stands literally metres away from the most dangerous place, and yet all that divides the two is a border control fence.

What makes the difference? The fence? Of course not, it can only be one thing and that is the people.

A fence, a barrier, a country, a city, nor a name has the power to make a city bad or good, but the people and the spiritual atmosphere holds the key to this mind-blowing statistic.

Charles Nieman’s church has around 30,000 members and has stood the test of time in that great multicultural city and has for over 30 years led people to know and worship Jesus – what a difference to the atmosphere it has made.

Just over the border, drug trafficking and violent crime are the order of the day…what a difference to the atmosphere they too have made.

You and I alike, can have unseen borders in our lives that make an incredible difference in the atmosphere wherever we go.

If you have resistance to God in your life, you will find unrest and lack of peace, and yet a person living in the same town, the same street and even the same house can have incredible peace because they have chosen to cross the border from death to life by faith in Jesus.

Are you confused today, as to why your work colleague that sits at the next desk across from you, has got such a contented and happy life while you are struggling to find anything close to that by living for yourself?

Could it be that they are living on the right side of the fence…the fence of freedom, forgiveness and peace with God?

Today, you can be so close and yet so far. Take a few steps today across the border…your passport is issued when you open your heart to Jesus.

Don’t draw any more lines of division between you and God, instead, step into the circle of His love.

Pastor Mark

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