Fresh Hope – 4th May 2016

I have to admit that I occasionally put the dustbins out early on a Thursday, in my pyjamas.

My wife goes mad at me if she finds out, but my usual answer is that no one is looking my way at that time of the day.

Getting properly dressed to leave the house is something that most of us do everyday, without so much as a second thought.

Some of you would be amongst those that get your outfit ready the night before, so that you know exactly what to wear the moment you get out of bed, whilst others of you are the last minute type that open the wardrobe just before leaving the house and hope for the best. It’s pretty obvious to everyone when you turn up for work which camp you belong to!

It’s a sad fact of life that many of us disregard the advice of the Bible, when it comes to spiritually dressing yourself correctly right at the beginning of each day.

We walk around naked most of the time without realising it, yet trying to fathom why we feel so cold on the inside.

The Bible advises in the passage below that for a spirit of heaviness or despair we should ‘put on’ a garment of praise…

Isaiah 61:3 …’and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair…’

If you feel that a dark cloud of depression or oppression are loitering around you all day, then you need to get dressed properly by putting on praise, just like you would your jumper or coat.

Remember: your were not born with a garment of praise…you have to be responsible to put it on yourself.

What does a garment of praise look like?

Thankfulness…Praise…Worship…Joy…being grateful to God in all circumstances.

These are all styles of the very best coat you can put on to keep yourself warm on the gloomiest day you may find closing in on you.

Have you left the house properly dressed today? If not, then pause to praise right now and just watch that heaviness lift off you as God’s peace and joy flood your soul.

Put your dancing shoes on.

Happy day.


Pastor Mark

A daily devotion for a better way of living.