Fresh Hope – 11th May 2016

I have a cookery book stand in the kitchen that has a Nigella Lawson cookbook lying open on it.

Gillian subtly placed it on there some time ago and intentionally left it open on page 170.

Whenever she sees a recipe or picture of something she likes the look of, she craftily introduces it to the stand in the hope that I’ll cook it for her.

To be honest, I’ve been secretly looking at this picture on page 170 now for a couple of weeks and I’ve even studied the recipe, thinking, ‘I must do that one day.’

Every time I go into the kitchen, this amazing looking lemon meringue cake is shouting out, “cook me!”

On Sunday, after church, I finally gave in as the family were coming for lunch.

I found the 13 ingredients in the cupboard and quickly followed the recipe. I was pretty optimistic that it would turn out okay but had no idea what a great recipe it was and was amazed by everyone’s reaction to it.

It was an instant hit and even the one person that hates lemon cake had two slices and has now conquered once and for all his fear of lemons.

How often do we have the world’s best selling book, the Bible, open before us, knowing that it’s calling us to follow it, yet just like my cookery book, we continually excuse our selves from trying it out because we don’t have time and the patience to get on and just do it?

I must admit right now, now that I’ve tried it, I can’t wait for the next time to bake that cake again – in fact I could eat a piece right now!

The Bible says in Psalm 34:8 ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good.’

The recipes for the greatest life ever are waiting on the pages of the Bible, but you will never know what that life feels like until you try them out.

Everyone right now has two lives – the life we are living and the un-lived life within us.
Maybe you’ve read what a blessing it is to be generous, and yet you remain stingy. Why would you not want to try out the generous life?

Make a decision at the start of another new day, not to just hear God’s word but to be a doer also.

There’s a whole new life for you waiting on the pages of the Bible if you’ll simply put them into action.

Get cooking!

[By the way, you’ll find the recipe under ‘Lemon Meringue cake by Nigella Lawson’]

Pastor Mark

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