Fresh Hope – 13th May 2016

Are you teachable?

If the honest answer is ‘no’, then we can only draw one conclusion, and that is…you must be a know it all.

You will never reach your full potential if you don’t welcome the words of those that could actually teach you something new.

I’ve been able to wallpaper now for over 30 years. I was taught by my dad, who always did his own decorating. I listened, I watched, I learnt and then I had a go myself just before we moved into our first house.

Just a few weeks ago, I needed some particularly difficult wallpapering done in our lounge. There were two really difficult angles that I’d attempted before and got it horribly wrong, resulting in me having to live with my mistakes every time I sat in there.

This time round I vowed that I would find a professional. I decided that I would plan to be around when he did the difficult parts and would listen, watch and learn from a man that was doing it every day.

I was amazed after 30 years of decorating at how much I didn’t know and equally, how much I could still learn. As a result, I’m a much better decorator now – simply because I was prepared to be taught for about an hour.

There are two ways of learning and also two speeds at which you learn….

Firstly, we learn from our mentors, or from our mistakes. Being willing to learn from a mentor is far better than learning from your mistakes as a know it all.

Secondly, we learn quicker from our mentors than we do by our mistakes…

It took me a whole day of frustration to decorate those difficult angles all by myself, yet only took me one hour to learn how to successfully do them from a mentor.

Open yourself up today to learn something new.

Stop putting the barriers up when someone tries to advise you.

Don’t get so defensive when someone offers you constructive criticism.

If you find yourself closing your mind to new thoughts or a potential better way of doing things, then tell yourself that you are becoming a know-it-all.

Make a decision today to become a learn-it-all.

If you’re not convinced, then think of it this way: no-one likes a know-it-all, but a learn-it-all is always attractive.

Get wisdom at any cost…

Proverbs 4:1 Listen, my sons, to a father’s instruction; pay attention and gain understanding.

Pastor Mark

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