Fresh Hope – 20th May 2016

Earlier today I was on the phone when the person on the other end went deathly silent.

I began to think that they may have been offended, or didn’t want to answer my request so they hung up on me.

The reality was that the phone call had been lost due to a bad signal; the reality was that for most of the call… I was talking to myself.

How many of us today are experiencing a ‘dropped call’ in prayer?

You felt that you were getting somewhere with God, and then realised that in fact you were talking to yourself.

Have you ever honestly faced up to the reality as to why it appears that you’re talking to yourself in prayer?

Why not take to heart today’s challenge, and settle the issue once and for all…

Do I have a relationship with God, so that I can rightfully and openly talk to Him in prayer?

Don’t presume yourself a Christian, because you live good and do good – the reality is that you need to give over your life to Jesus; accept his offer of life, love and forgiveness. Invite Him right now into your heart and open the direct prayer line to Him.

Sin produces a barrier between us and God and although He has the ability to answer all our prayers, we need the blockage to our relationship to be removed first.

Isaiah 59:2 But your iniquities have separated you from your God; your sins have hidden his face from you, so that he will not hear.
I’m sure we all know today what it feels like to not be on good speaking terms with someone. It may be your spouse, your child or a once good friend; you may be living in the same house as them, and yet this invisible but powerful barrier fills the atmosphere, which gives weight to the expression…’you could have cut the atmosphere with a knife’. That invisible barrier is only broken down when the guilty party plucks up the courage to say ‘please forgive me, I’m sorry’.
Isn’t it amazing how those very small words can have such a massive impact and change everything in an instant?

Jesus has done His part in dying for your sins on the cross; He is now awaiting your response, so that you can be in the relationship with Him that He longs for.

Here is a prayer that you may like to pray right now…

‘Dear Jesus,

I come to you just as I am.

I ask you to forgive me of all my sins and failings.

I turn from own ways and ask you to come into my life.

Be my leader and Lord from this moment forwards.

I step out of the driving seat and ask you to take control of my life.

I truly want to follow you for the rest of my life.

Thank You that this is the very first prayer that I know you will answer.

Please fill me with you Holy Spirit that I may live my life daily for you.

In Jesus name.


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Pastor Mark

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