Fresh Hope – 23rd May 2016

There are three powerful words in life. They are yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Most of us can be very consumed with our yesterday. Things that didn’t go right, things we wish we hadn’t done, things we wished would’ve been different. Our thoughts about yesterday can rob the peace and joy of today.
Many of us are consumed with tomorrow. What might happen, what may happen, what if it doesn’t happen? We can be so worried about tomorrow that we don’t experience today to the full.

God can deal with all your yesterdays, He can certainly deal with your tomorrows, but what He really wants to be involved in, is your today.

What you do with your today, will determine your tomorrow. The choices you make today will affect and shape your future.
The success of tomorrow will result in what you do today.

Be present in your ‘today’, thank God for it, live it to the full, see what God wants to do.

The past is gone, leave it with Jesus. Your tomorrows are in His hand, trust them to Jesus.
But give Him your today and see how much better it can be.

He came to give us life abundantly.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.