Fresh Hope – 27th May 2016

There is a story in the Bible known as Daniel and the Lion’s Den. The King at this time, Darius, promotes Daniel to be ruler over his kingdom, much to the dismay of those around him. In an attempt to finish Daniel, his rivals trick the King into making a law which states that no one must pray to any God or man except the King, or they will be thrown into the lion’s den.

Daniel, being a Christian, ignores this law and continues to pray, knowing fully the consequences of his actions. The King is then forced to stick by his word and sentence Daniel to death. However, I’m sure you’ve heard the end of the story…Daniel makes it out alive, without a scratch on his body.

What amazes me about this story is the trust that Daniel had in God. I was thinking recently how Daniel could’ve still prayed in his heart, and would’ve therefore never been caught. It’s a win – win. However, Daniel didn’t want to keep his faith private, but he wanted to take it public.

In the natural, it seemed as though Daniel’s trust in God was going to kill him, but instead, it elevated him. The story ends by saying that Daniel was treated well by the present King, and the by the King that followed.

Today, you may feel as though your faith is going to be the end of you.

‘If I keep giving, I’m going to have nothing left.’

‘If I keep trusting God for my kids to return home, they’re just going to go further away.’

Whatever you may be believing God for today, know that your trust in Him will not lead to death in any area of your life. God is getting ready to promote you to new heights, because faith elevates.

Caleb Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.