Fresh Hope – 28th May 2016

The other day I was sitting quietly feeling a little bit sad and a little bit sorry for myself.
I was questioning why I felt the way I did and frankly, I didn’t really have much reason.

I then had this sudden thought. “Smile, Gillian, just smile”. So I did, and in that moment, my smile made me realise how good God is and how blessed I really was.

The power of a smile can not only change your day but someone else’s.

There are too many miserable people out there. Be different.
Every time you see someone in the street, smile at them.
They may be lonely and think no one cares.
When you walk into a store, smile at the assistant. They may feel like giving up.
When you see someone looking like they have no hope, go ahead and smile. You may save their life.

In the same way that your smile can lift you, imagine what it can do to someone else.

The Bible talks about how important it is to have a cheery heart. ‘A cheerful heart is good medicine.’ (Proverbs 17).

Sometimes you don’t need words, you just need a smile.

It costs nothing and EVERYONE can do it.

Try it on yourself and try it on others. You’ll be good medicine today.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.