Fresh Hope – 4th June 2016

I have a lovely patch of garden that I enjoy tending to (the rest is up to my husband).
It’s amazing how one day it can look so pretty, and the next, it’s overcome with weeds.
If the conditions are right, weeds will spring up virtually overnight.

I decided that I would take five or ten minutes (yes, just that long!) to tend to it and get rid of the weeds. In no time at all, it was looking beautiful again.

Our lives need constant checking. What has sprung up overnight that you don’t recognise from yesterday?
A little depression?
A bad attitude?
A spirit of despair?
The list is endless.
But whatever it is, it has no place in your life.

The longer you leave it unattended, the worse it will get and the harder it will be to get rid of.

Take five/ten minutes today and deal with it.

Prayer, God’s word and a little worship will go a long way to getting it like it needs to be.

Do some personal weeding today and get your life back to beautiful.

Happy Saturday.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.