Fresh Hope – 11th June 2016

Do you ever look at the photograph of a loved one and wish that things could be different?

Do you long for that child to come home and get their life sorted out?

Do you want your marriage to get back on track?

Is there a prayer that you desperately would like to pray in the hope that things in your life could get turned around, but haven’t yet made time to seriously pray about it?

Is there a miracle that you are seeking for a sick relative, friend or even for yourself?

Would you just love a place where you could go, where no one is going to frown on you, judge you or think that you are stupid for praying to an invisible God?

Then look no further…

This coming Monday Night (13th June) at 9.30pm, Champions Church auditorium is opening its doors so that hundreds of people can come and bring all these special requests to God.

Bring a photograph of that loved one, write out that special prayer request, bring a handkerchief or item of clothing for that sick friend that can’t make it, and take just one hour to pray or to receive prayer, knowing that God is interested in your deepest needs for any or all of the above.

Here’s what to do…

Plan to be there

Tell a friend

Turn up

Sit down

Quietly pray

Expect a miracle

Go home.

I look forward to welcoming you to this very special evening.

All things are possible…only believe.

Pastor Mark

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