Fresh Hope – 30th June 2016

Mirrors are being removed from changing rooms in some of Britain’s biggest shopping centres after new research revealed they make customers feel more ‘ body conscious’.

Almost three-quarters of British women are put off buying clothes after they have tried them on in front of a changing room mirror, a survey found.

More than 52% of women surveyed stated that they were left feeling down after seeing themselves in the mirror.

As important though this information is, especially for men trying to protect their wallets, there is a much higher truth lurking behind this one, and that is, the truth about how we hate looking in the mirror when needing to face up to the faults and traits in our own lives.

‘Take a look in the mirror’ is an expression that we use when we are wanting to help someone face up to the reality of how they come across to others. It’s hardly surprising therefore that there are few that do it, as who really wants to walk away feeling down about themselves.

In reality though, one of the best ways of improving your character is to actually take regular check ups in front of that imaginary mirror, in order to see yourself as you really are to others.

Think about it for a moment, just because you refuse to take this simple yet effective advice, doesn’t make the problem go away no more than refusing to face up those extra bulges that you’ve gained over the last year, when you try on that new item.

I’ve never met anyone that likes to hear themselves on a recording, even moreso watch themselves on video or see themselves in a photo, yet time after time, the most improved people are those that looked at themselves and said ‘I hate what I see’ and then went on to make the necessary changes…they are now way ahead of the game.

If you know that you need to face up to some character flaws today, and we all do, take a deep breath, face up to what you know is lurking beneath the veneer of your life and deal with it. This time tomorrow, next week or next year you’ll have already made massive steps to becoming a better you.

Pastor Mark

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